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Weld-On® 550™ CPVC

The 550™ is a red or tan, low VOC emissions, heavy bodied, medium setting, high strength cement for CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fittings with interference fit through 3 inch (90 mm) diameter. It is formulated as one-step cement (no primer).

This product is available for international market only.

Product Weld-On® 550™ CPVC
Available Colors
  • Red or Tan
Max Recommended Pipe Size
(Interference Fit)

3″ (90mm)

Relative Set Time Medium
Applicable Performance Specification

ASTM D 2846

ASTM F 493

Industry Listings
Classes, Schedules & Types CPVC for fire sprinkler application
Shelf Life 2 Years
Available Sizes

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SDS Product Bulletin

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