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Weld-On® 714 ECO™ CPVC

Weld-On® 714ECO™ is a code compliant, premium THF-free cement with 30% lower solvent emission rate and significantly reduced odorous fumes than the current solvent cements in the market – resulting in an improved workplace environment for pipe installers. 

The 714ECO is a gray or orange, ultra low VOC, heavy bodied, medium setting, maximum strength CPVC solvent cement, with great gap filling properties, for all classes and schedules of PVC pipe and fittings, including Schedule 80, with interference fit through 12 inch (315 mm) diameter.  Suitable for cold and hot water CPVC plastic pipe systems up to 180°F (82°C) maximum, industrial piping, residential, recreational vehicles & mobile homes plumbing, sewer, drain, waste and vent systems.

Product Weld-On® 714 ECO™ CPVC
Available Colors
  • Orange
  • Gray
Max Recommended Pipe Size
(Interference Fit)

12″ (315 mm)

Relative Set Time Medium
Applicable Performance Specification

SCAQMD Rule 1168/316A
ASTM D 2846
ASTM F 493

Industry Listings
Classes, Schedules & Types All Rigid CPVC
Shelf Life 2 Years
Available Sizes

Quart (#15693)
Pint (#15694)

Quart (#15695)
Pint (#15696)

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SDS Sheet Product Bulletin Sell Sheet
SDS Product Bulletin Sell sheet

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