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For 70+ years, we’ve been the global leader in solvent cement technology, unmatched not only in research, development and innovation, but also customer support and training. Our products have proven to be unquestionably dependable in exceptional projects around the planet—from the tallest skyscrapers to irrigation systems feeding families to high-tech factories and beyond.

Headquartered in California, Weld-On has state-of-the-art operations throughout the United States, as well as China, and a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.

Our Commitment

Weld-On is committed to providing the World’s Most Trusted Bond by manufacturing the highest quality, failproof solvent cements and adhesives for joining plastic pipes.
Our success is dependent on our customers’ success.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to being completely reliable and free from defects
  • We innovate to increase our standards safely, manufacturing performance and quality
  • We make customer-centric decisions
  • We invest in our time to enable continuous improvement and growth
  • We deliver on time, every time

Corporate Social Responsibility

Weld-On is committed to providing resources, education and technology to help improve the lives of people around the world. Our plastic pipe joining products help transport safe drinking water to communities across the globe. And we foster sustainability by supporting local charities and creating environmentally responsible products.

Our History


Weld-On created the first solvent welding products for America’s plumbing industry.


First Clear Reactive Acrylic Adhesive

Weld-On developed the first clear, reactive acrylic adhesive that met U.S. Department of Defense military specification (MIL-SPEC) for use on aircraft canopies. This led to the development of other innovative adhesives for bonding acrylic, polycarbonate, vinyl, ABS, PVC, PETG, butyrate, metal and other substrates used in many industries such as POP display, aquarium fabrication, sign building and more.


Weld-On Solvent Cement Patent

IPS Corporation pioneered the solvent welding technique and patented Weld-On solvent cement for use on plastic pipe and fittings. This technique and product revolutionized plumbing in the United States by making plastic pipe installation easy, time-saving and convenient.


Color-match Acrylic Adhesive

Weld-On developed color-match acrylic adhesive
for bonding solid surface countertops.


First Low VOC Cement

Weld-On formulated and introduced the first low VOC (volatile organic compound) emission solvent cement in response to growing air quality concerns.


724 CPVC

Weld-On introduced 724, the first high strength solvent cement for chemical resistant CPVC plastic joints in the market, formulated for use in a variety of harsh chemical applications such as hypochlorites, acids and caustics.


Structural Adhesives

Weld-On developed and launched the Structural Adhesive series. These high-performance methacrylate adhesives are widely used in transportation, marine and industrial applications.


All low VOC, all the time

Weld-On became the first in the industry to offer environmentally responsible, all low VOC solvent cements, primers and cleaners, as well as the first to completely phase out regular VOC products. All Weld-On products meet the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) requirements. And using Weld-On’s low VOC products can also qualify contractors for one credit toward the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED v2009 certification for green building.



Weld-On patented the easy-to-grip SuperSwab applicator, with a reusable holder that has adjustable length and dual cap design that fits quart and gallon containers, as well as a shed-free disposable swab tip designed for smooth, full application of cements or primers.



Weld-On was first in the industry to develop an eco-friendly solvent cement. The 905ECO™ had up to 15% less solvent emissions and reduced odorous fumes, making the workplace environment safer. This technology also included a proprietary compound that greatly increased bond strength and used significantly less aggressive solvents without sacrificing performance.


Acquisition of Christy’s®

Weld-On acquired T Christy Enterprises (“Christy’s”), one of North America’s premier manufacturers of solvent cements and primers, including Red Hot Blue Glue®.


ECO™ Series

Weld-On introduced the ECO™ Series of ultra-low VOC solvent cements and primers for irrigation, industrial, pool and spa applications. The unique, proprietary formula achieves strong bond strength, just like any Weld-On cement, but with 30% lower solvent emissions and odor. The ultra-low VOC content is far below the current SCAQMD Rule 1168 VOC limit, contributing not only to a better environment but also to improved working conditions for installers.


All Ultra Low VOC Cements

Weld-On’s ultra-low VOC solvent cements and primers meet the revised SCAQMD Rule 1168 VOC limits, while maintaining the highest performance expected of Weld-On products.