A Homeowner’s Guide to Fall Landscape & Irrigation

Your front yard creates your home’s first impression, adding to its curb appeal (and value) whether you’re selling it or not. Around the holidays, curb appeal becomes even more important, and while this year might look slightly different in terms of Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas parties, you have more time at home to tend to […]

Why Fall is the Best Time to Install an Irrigation System

As long, hot summer nights slowly fade into cooler autumn evenings, most homeowners rejoice in knowing that their scorching hot days out in the sun are (somewhat) over. Sure, you still need to engage in a bit of fall landscaping to ensure that your trees, grass, and plants are able to withstand the winter, but […]

Fall Lawn Care Prep for Beginners

Enchanting fall foliage is often followed by frost, and if the leaves that adorn your lawn are starting to turn golden, that means it’s time to prepare for the cold. Adjusting your lawn care strategy in the fall can help ensure that your nearly year-long efforts won’t go to waste when the temperature starts to […]

Summer Lawn Care Tips

It’s that time of year again! The days have gotten longer and the weather is warming up. You may be tempted to put away your lawn mower for the season as we roll around the corner into fall, but don’t stop here!  Keeping your yard looking great takes a little effort, but it will save […]

Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips for Summer Lawns

Did you know that, according to experts, an estimated 50% of the water we use outdoors through lawn sprinkler systems is wasted by evaporation, wind or runoff due to excess water? Regarding this surprising statistic, Malarie Gotcher, a water conservation specialist with the Oklahoma Department of Public Utilities, said that “Understanding how your sprinkler system […]

DIY Summer Lawn Service: How to Care for Your Lawn

Did you know that grass, during the colder seasons, doesn’t grow as much due to low temperatures and scarce water supply that slows down growth? This is why it’s so important to begin thinking about a summer lawn service that can help you revive your brown lawn as soon as things start to warm up. […]

6 Tips to Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Summer

Did you know that in the United States, outdoor water use averages more than 9 billion gallons per day, primarily for watering gardens and lawns?  While the figure is worrying, what’s even more worrying is that 50% of that is wasted, mostly due to inefficient sprinkler systems. Now do you see why it’s so important […]

7 Landscaping Tips for Summer 2021

  Due to lockdowns during the summer of 2020, people began gardening in record numbers. In fact, thanks to COVID-19, landscaping grew exponentially during the warmer months of 2020.  And, people who picked up the hobby don’t have plans to stop anytime soon. One study revealed that 86% of respondents planned to continue gardening and […]

Summer Lawn Watering Tips

Summer is here and you don’t want to be the only one on the block with a yellow lawn, right? Right. Now, the question is: which lawn watering tips are actually going to be helpful in keeping your lawn green, healthy and lush this time of year? NASA kind of answered that question. One of […]

When Should You Start Spring Lawn Care? (Plus 5 Things to Check)

As the daffodils and daisies begin to bloom once again, you’ll likely find yourself looking at your lackluster lawn and wondering when you should start your spring lawn care routine again. We’re here to tell you that if the flowers are in full bloom, you’re a bit behind! However, there’s no time like the present, […]