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The Difference Between PVC Solvent Cement and PVC Glue

DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE Weld-On has been the industry leader in solvent cement manufacturing for over seven decades. When you mention PVC glue or PVC adhesive to a long-time Weld-On employee, don’t be surprised if they correct you and say Weld-On produces high-quality solvent cement, not PVC glue. Even though the terms are used interchangeably […]

The Best Solvent Cement for Pool and Spa Installation

DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE What happens when a long-time Pool and Spa and Outdoor Living Contractor decides to find out what solvent cement works best, and how they work with less expensive pipes and fittings?   “I have been a fan of Weld-On for many years, so I wanted to find out once and for […]

Why A 20-Year Licensed Irrigator Shifted to Weld-On

DOWNLOAD THE FULL ARTICLE While irrigation may seem straightforward, the reality is far more complex. Irrigation contractors and business owners navigate many challenges, from labor requirements and material costs to environmental planning. It’s a delicate balance between managing every minor detail and ensuring a profitable project. ONE BUSINESS OWNER’S JOURNEY We recently had the pleasure […]

Why Solvent Cement Training is Good for Your Business

CONTRACTOR CHALLENGES When managing any large-scale irrigation, industrial or pool and spa project, a project manager or contractor is accountable for a countless number of responsibilities. They oversee client expectations, resolve problems, accommodate government agency’s requirements, and monitor budgets, to name a few. The solvent cement that bonds PVC and CPVC pipe, delivers water to […]

How to Maintain a Beautiful Winter Landscape in Cold Weather

Silent snowfall on a winter evening with the sound of a natural wood fire crackling in the background is about as romantic as it gets for cold weather lovers and homebodies. However, this dream of a winter wonderland can soon become a nightmare of piled-high snow, damaged plants, and dead leaves for most homeowners. Prefer […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Sprinkler System for Cold Weather

Winter is coming, and if it’s anything like the rest of the year, it’ll be a whirlwind of unexpected events that you could easily do without. To prevent any surprises this winter, especially concerning your home, you’ll want to learn how to prepare your sprinkler system for cold weather.  If you’ve engaged in some fall […]

Lawn Care Guide: How to Prepare Your Lawn for a Dreamy Winter Landscape

Dreaming of a magical winter landscape outside of your home this year? It’s likely complete with falling snow flurries, dazzling lights, perfectly manicured shrubs, and just the right amount of snow powdered up on your roof, right? If you’re aiming for the coolest lawn on the block, we’ve got good news for you: it doesn’t […]

Winter is Coming: How to Winterize a Pool

Whether you’ve got an above-ground or in-ground pool, cold weather and the ice that it tends to produce can damage a pool. Just as you work to protect your investment during the warmer months, learning how to winterize a pool is just part of being a pool owner. You’ll want to start by purchasing all […]

How to Adjust Your Irrigation System for Fall Weather

About 30% of a home’s water goes to outdoor uses, which means that come fall and winter, it’s imperative to learn how to adjust your irrigation system to suit the weather and changing climate. However, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t usually change much about their landscaping routine come fall, then this post […]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Fall Landscape & Irrigation

Your front yard creates your home’s first impression, adding to its curb appeal (and value) whether you’re selling it or not. Around the holidays, curb appeal becomes even more important, and while this year might look slightly different in terms of Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas parties, you have more time at home to tend to […]
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