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The Success Of A Company Can Be Found In Its Employees


Employee tenure often seems fleeting in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. However, companies like Weld-On foster the development of long-term employees because they understand their value cannot be overstated. Over the past 70 years, Weld-On has learned that legacy employees not only significantly contribute to the growth and stability of an organization but also have a direct and positive impact on the people around them.

A shining example of that long-term commitment and contribution can be witnessed in the career of Terry McPherson, who started working for Weld-On on January 31, 2000. Twenty-four years later, Terry is VP of Technical Services and he helped guide Weld-On through some of its most significant accomplishments. In 2009 Weld-On became the first in the industry to offer environmentally
responsible all low VOC solvent cements, primers, and cleaners. Other successes included Weld-On’s patented easy-to-grip SuperSwab and dual cap design. Then, in 2019, Weld-On introduced the ECO™ Series of ultra-low VOC solvent cements and primers for irrigation, industrial, pool and spa applications. These accomplishments wouldn’t be possible without long-term employees like Terry, who helped shape the industry and train our customers with proper installation practices.

When talking to coworkers and friends who worked with Terry over the past 24 years, the impact of his presence on the company and the people around him was transparent. Jack Roach and Chad Hogancamp were two standouts from the many people who wanted to come forward to talk about their experiences. They worked with him in various capacities over the past 20 years and had
difficulty choosing which stories to tell first. Some involved good humor stories that occurred during tradeshows or solvent cement training experiences, while others had a more significant impact on the solvent cement industry. You could hear the nostalgia in their voices and see the admiration in their eyes as stories from the past flooded their memories.

One story that stood out was how Jack and Terry worked for competing PVC and CPVC fittings and extruded plastic pipe companies in the Quality Control Departments before Jack was brought to Weld-On. He talked about how they worked independently and then collaborated as a team to resolve a fitting issue that not only increased sales for the company but had an impact on the entire industry. Jack said, “Terry brought me on board 15 years ago and it was the best decision I made in my career. I greatly appreciate the time I spent working with Terry to help make Weld-On what it is today.”

The importance of having employees like Terry McPherson working for Weld-On for over 24 years extends far beyond mere loyalty. Terry brought a depth of knowledge, productivity, and stability to Weld-On that will be difficult to replicate. He was a pillar for the
Training Department which encouraged a culture of excellence and reliability while bridging a gap between the company and its customers. His commitment should be an example to any organization investing in the retention and growth of long-term employees. Although Terry may be retiring in June, he plans to continue his journey with Weld-On as a consultant to support the future growth and success of the organization.


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