ECO Cements & Primers

The unique, proprietary formula of the Weld-On ECO Series of ultra low VOC solvent cements and primers achieves the same bond strength in plastic pipe joints as Weld-On’s current cements but with 30% lower solvent emissions and odor. With this environmentally-friendly formula, the ECO Series has ultra low VOC content that is far below the current SCAQMD Rule 1168 VOC limit and will also meet SCAQMD’s proposed VOC limit set to be effective in 2023. The lower rate of solvent emissions and reduced odorous fumes from the ECO Series contributes not only to a better environment but also to improved working conditions for installers.

The line of ECO cements is available as regular, medium and heavy bodied PVC solvent cements and complementing primers for irrigation and industrial application, as well as pool and spa use. ECO Series products are certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 14 and 61 and the Uniform Plumbing Code for use on potable water applications.



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