505 Key Tite™

Metal pipe sealant – the industry favorite

  • Special formulation seals and lubricates metal pipe joints as well as protects them from rusting and seizing.
  • Applicable for all types of metal joints (threaded, flanged or gasketed)
  • For sealing and lubricating all metal piping systems carrying various materials

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Product 505 Key Tite™
Available Sizes

Gallon (#10062)
Quart (#10063)
Pint (#10064)
1/2 Pint (#10068)
1/4 Pint (#10069)

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SDS Sheet Product Bulletin
SDS Product Bulletin

All Seal, Blue Seal, and White Seal can be used on metal and plastic piping systems carrying: air & gases (compressed, manufactured or natural), ammonia, brine, acid (diluted), caustic alkalis (diluted), corrosives, freons, fuel (diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, and kerosene), oils, petroleum, propane, solvents, steam, sugar, and water. Not recommended for oxygen, fluorine, or liquid sodium systems.

505 Key Tite can be used on metal piping systems carrying: acids (diluted), air (compressed or gaseous), alcohols, alkalis (diluted), brine, caustics (diluted), gases (manufactured or natural), low pressure steam lines, sugar (liquid), and hot or cold water.