Weld-On® Introduces a Comprehensive Line of Pool & Spa Products

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Gardena, CA (March 8, 2010) – Weld-On is excited to announce another industry first – a comprehensive line of solvent cements and primers for use in assembling PVC piping systems for pool and spa applications. Our new and improved Pool & Spa Series now consists of

  • New PVC solvent cements with different viscosities to suit the requirements of any pool and spa projects – 740™ Pool Regular, 744™ Pool Medium and 746™ Pool Heavy
  • Specialty PVC solvent cements formulated for use in wet, quick pressurization, flexible joint and/or pool maintenance and repair applications – 747™ Pool ‘R Spa, 748™ Pool Fast and 798™ Pool Flex

Additionally, we developed a new Pool Primer for softening and preparing pool-and-spa-specific PVC pipe and fittings for solvent welding. “Pool & spa professionals expect the best from Weld-On,” said Janet Reilly, President Weld-On Division of IPS Corporation, “We are extremely excited to bring our proven experience in solvent cements and primers to this very important segment of the market.”

Just like all of our Weld-On solvent cements and primers, the Pool & Spa Series is Low VOC. This means less emission which is better for the workplace and environment. More information about Weld-On Pool and Spa Series and other products can be found at www.ipscorp.com.

Get detailed Pool & Spa product information here.

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