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Coming First Quarter 2009Weld-On®, the world leader in solvent cements for plastic piping, will be the first and only manufacturer whose entire line of cements and primers meets Low VOC emissions regulations. Having pioneered the first Low VOC cement and with over 15 years of installation experience, Weld-On Low VOC products will continue to offer our valued customers the following benefits:

  • Same high quality Weld-On performance
  • Same installation properties
  • Environmentally responsible, LEED® Compliant products
  • Guaranteed compliance with existing SCAQMD* VOC emissions regulations
  • Approved use in all states changing to stricter VOC emissions regulations
  • Reduced costs through simplified, all Low VOC inventory

For more information, please contact your Customer Service Representative at 800-888-8312.

* South Coast Air Quality Management District, an air pollution control agency for southern California, has established the most stringent emissions regulations in the U.S. (Rule 1168/316A)

About IPS Corporation
IPS Corporation is the trusted leader in manufacturing adhesives, solvent cements, and numerous components and supplies for the plumbing, construction, manufacturing and plastic fabrication industries. Headquartered in California, IPS Corp. has operations throughout the United States, as well as China, and a worldwide network of sale representatives and distributors. More information can be found at www.ipscorp.com.

About Weld-On

Weld-On Adhesives, Inc., a subsidiary of IPS Corporation, is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Weld-On® solvent cements, primers and cleaners for PVC, CPVC, ABS and other plastic piping systems. Weld-On products are globally recognized as the premium products for joining plastic pipes and fittings. Headquartered in California, Weld-On has state-of-the-art operations throughout the United States, as well as China, and a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.